Inspiration for Bellacarisma jewelry comes from many different places, beginning with small daily moments and extended to long distance travel or international monuments. From the natural world we look to simple but meaningful reflections upon environment like sunlight on water, raindrops on petals, sunrises and sunsets.

Translating these inspirations and feelings of renewal into jewelry is our passion, making the grace and fascination of these special encounters something that can be carried with someone daily.

All Bellacarisma jewelry is designed and meticulously handcrafted by artisan Cheryl Rowe in her Northern California studio. Fine metals, gorgeous gemstones and pearls are the components and traditional metalsmithing techniques are the vehicle to create stylish and original pieces of wearable art.

“Bellacarisma jewelry is the only accessory I need to make my outfits and attitude go from

zero to one hundred.”
Emily ~ San Francisco, CA

“I wear Bellacarisma because the pieces are both beautiful and feminine, yet creative and unique.

Truly affordable luxury”
Lisa ~ Pittsburgh, PA